Technology Partners


Qlik is an open data analytics platform that offers a suite of solutions that helps organizations benefit from advanced analytics for all their business intelligence needs. Qlik enables companies to transform themselves into responsive and data-driven organizations that can glean the right information from Big Data for correct and prompt business decisions and strategies.


Power BI provides organizations with a suite of business analytics tools that ensure every department gets the right insight into the data. The technology seamlessly connects different data sources to make it easy to analyze data and create user-friendly reports covering different aspects of business intelligence. The tool is web and mobile-friendly and comes with a personalized dashboard that can be scaled without compromising security and corporate governance.


Tableau Software is designed to make it is easier to understand and analyze data. It helps users to connect multiple sources of data and visualize the data. In addition, the results can be shared with PCs and iPads. Using the software is intuitive and does not require programming skills, allowing tech-savvy as well as individuals with limited technical skills to create and publish dashboards that they can share not just with internal stakeholders, but also with the external ones.


Cognos is a suite of business intelligence and performance management software by IBM. This software allows users with no technical knowledge to collate and extract business intelligence data that they can analyze and then create relevant reports.


This platform allows users to discover new insights from their data, enabling them to make faster and more informed business decisions. The data is organized into easily understandable visual charts and graphs, ensuring best-in-class enterprise analytics.


ThoughtSpot is a technology company that produces business-intelligence analytics search software.

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