About Us

Welcome to Decision Infinity

The evolution of mankind is continuously inspired by the quest to define infinity. The Decision Infinity logo symbol termed as ‘Infinity Diamond’ expresses our desire to explore new dimensions in the search of the infinite potential of human race and structure them with the help of data & intelligence.

Today’s business is about making quality decisions in a quick time, decisions that are based on data. And data is available in plenty. 90% of the data in the world today has been generated in the last 2 years alone. So, data is big and only getting bigger!

But with tons of data, there are tons of possibilities too. How to collect, filter, manage, organize, interpret, analyze, visualize and process the data to arrie at better & better decisions is the real challenge.

So, if you are a decision maker looping for the right partner to help you with anything and everything to do with data, then you have reached the right place.

Welcome to Decision Infinity Inc.

In a constantly changing and evolving world there are infinite possibilities and opportunities. To make the most of these opportunities and to make things possible, decision makers have to take quick & quality decisions. However, in business you are always dealing with limited resources; especially of time & money. So a critical decision has to be taken in a quick time with only the available data and resources. That is where Decision Infinity funnels and sieves the infinite possibilities down to a finite decision. Its like putting the whole infinite world of data into a finite box of a timely and accurate decision.

Decision Infinity is a boutique Business Intelligence and Analytics firm. We believe in helping people and businesses with analytics solutions that provide data-driven insights on the go, which can be converted into actions. Partnering with us allows you to achieve real business value in a short period of time and puts you on the path to long-term success without wasting time and money on systems either traditional or new ones that are not implemented correctly and hence that do not deliver.

Our approach to partnering with customer is not based on economies of scale or premium services that cost high. We provide “Total Solution based on Customer intimacy”. We do what is right not what is billable.

We do ONLY Business Intelligence, the right way!

We’ve been doing it for a long time, and we know exactly how to maximize return on your information or data assets. We strive to become a trusted advisor to your business and place utmost importance to customer satisfaction.

When it comes to business decisions you can rely on data.

And when it comes to data you can rely on Decision Infinity.